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A universe for chic travelers who like to take care of themselves.

For exceptional people, authentic and charismatic ...
as are all our products, Like you are.

Beauty is an attitude and it begins when you decide to be yourself

You are the essence, the basis of a beauty of its own and real. You are in a universe where beauty can be found in the naturalness of oneself, in spontaneity, in the incessant laughter of happy eyes, in an ephemeral photograph. A place where there are no patterns, nor convictions. A space stripped of prejudices where luxury is transformed into high cosmetics and high cosmetics into an exciting experience.

More than 20 years that this world is our universe. An infinite universe full of nuances, of innumerable shapes and colors. And it is that there is no canon that establishes what is beautiful, because beauty is everything that excites you and gives you pleasure, is everything that excites your emotions or leads you to delight, is what motivates you, what drives you to do something, is the joy that causes you everything you like and that makes you feel.

Traveling is learning to understand. So, Maisolence born traveling, experimenting, knowing cultures and different concepts of beauty.

We are the result of the restlessness that has led us to travel around the world, to try, to define what you like and what you don't like so much, with the goal, the desire and the illusion that you know and enjoy our most extraordinary discoveries, because everything you will find in Maisolence will surprise you and will not leave you indifferent.

We want to offer you the most exclusive products. We value living up to your expectations and that's why, we will advise and help you in each choice.

Maisolence is an attitude, it's fresh air, a Dior dress worn with sneakers, is that "oh la la".
Is dreaming in a place where you've never been.


Our main mission is to bring you the best products and that you live with us a unique experience in our Maison de la Belleza. We take care of and pamper even the smallest detail so that you feel unique.

Our success will depend on how we make you feel, if we can make you smile, the various, And if days after starting your treatment you look in the mirror and think of us.


At Maisolence we want to be a part of you. Be present in your day to day to accompany you and always advise you. We want to be a reference for all of you and offer an innovative way of interacting with beauty in the digital field.


Customization, professionalism, exclusiveness, quality, sustainability and sophistication – all mixed with a dash of cheek – are the values ​​that define our brand and philosophy.

At Maisolence we are very aware of social actions and caring for the environment, always seeking to follow lines that contribute to causing the least possible impact.

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